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Daily Archives: March 22, 2012

The Benefits of Over Seeding

Why should you seed your lawn Over seeding is an important task to thicken your lawn If you recently sodded your lawn, or have an existing lawn, our seeding service is efficient and cost effective. By seeding directly into the soil new grasses will germinate quicker and not be a birds food. It’s a fact […]

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Power Raking & Dethatching

Isn’t Power raking the same as dethatching? Many of my customers ask me if power raking is the same as dethatching. The process is similar but power raking is gentler on your lawn and can be done seasonally. Dethatching should only be done at a certain time of the season, or under favorable conditions. However […]

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Power Raking Explained

The Benefits, costs, and timing of Power Raking your lawn What is Power Raking ? Power Raking is breaking up and removing the built up thatch in your lawn. This is efficiently achieved using a Power Rake as it cuts slits into your thatch layer and moves the thatch and other debris on top of […]

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