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The Benefits of Over Seeding

Why should you seed your lawn

Over seeding is an important task to thicken your lawn

If you recently sodded your lawn, or have an existing lawn, our seeding service is efficient and cost effective.

By seeding directly into the soil new grasses will germinate quicker and not be a birds food. It’s a fact grass will not grow if it is not in direct contact with the soil, so put away that spreader!

The thinner your lawn is, the increased susceptibility of weed germination, decreased disease resistance, look, and overall health.

Over seeding service will sow multiple varieties of lawn seed into your soil. Sowing different varieties of seed increases the survival, and germination rate of your lawn. This will also increase your lawns disease resistance, as most diseases target certain grasses, the more variety the better.

Over seeding will help crowd your soil with grasses, thus making it harder for weeds to thrive and helps choke those bastardsbuggers out

Our professional service is performed late in the season, or early spring. However it can be done throughout the season, only more TLC is required to help the little guys out. Again by sowing the seed you give the seed the best conditions for a higher germination rate compared to that of a broadcast spreader.

This service can be standalone or in tandem with a spring clean up.

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