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Power Raking & Dethatching

Isn’t Power raking the same as dethatching?

Many of my customers ask me if power raking is the same as dethatching.

The process is similar but power raking is gentler on your lawn and can be done seasonally.
Dethatching should only be done at a certain time of the season, or under favorable conditions.
However in some cases we’ve de-thatched throughout the season (per customer request)

Power Raking

Cuts swathes into your lawn, targeting and removes Thatch form the soil surface, by removing this thatch off the soil it increases the soil’s permeability of oxygen, water, and nutrients.
The ending result is a lawn with a better regulated field capacity, as less nutrient run off occurs. This promotes deeper root growth of your existing turf.

Power raking is a more efficient option than dethatching as both recovery time, and stress on the turf is greatly reduced compared to that of Dethatching. The deeper the root system, the better the turfs drought tolerance and overall health.


While power raking cuts into the thatch layer, a Dethatching cuts deeply into the soil, removing a higher percentage of living organic material with the dead. A lot of cleanup and TLC is required after dethatching is completed.

This process is typically harder and stressful on your lawn and varying on your lawns current condition, should only be done as required and when favorable soil conditions are present.
Dethatching a lawn that is too dry or wet can cause the tearing up of root systems and soil, rather than cutting them.

Lawns that are dethatched require a longer recovery time and should be followed up with reseeding, fertilizing and TLC.

When should I book a power rake or dethatch?

You can book a power rake any time of the year, however we typically start our yard clean ups and power raking once the snow has melted, and the soil has had time to dry.
This will ensure your lawn gets the attention it deserves prior to its aggressive growth period.

We also provide a fall power rake special, to help clean up your lawn, and keep those pests away.
Field mice love a good layer of thatch.
Dethatching is more common with Lawn Reno’s as it requires a lot of TLC and recovery time.

We will always assess your lawns requirement for such a service, prior to starting it.
In most of the cases your lawn won’t require it and may only need a power rake.

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