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Power Raking Explained

The Benefits, costs, and timing of Power Raking your lawn

What is Power Raking ?

Power Raking is breaking up and removing the built up thatch in your lawn. This is efficiently achieved using a Power Rake as it cuts slits into your thatch layer and moves the thatch and other debris on top of your lawn.

The Benefits of Power Raking

Thatch is the accumulation of dead organic matter that builds up in your lawn. Thatch naturally builds up as over time your lawn can only break down so much organic matter on its own.

Any remaining thatch once removed gives your lawn the following benefits

  • You reduce the amount of runoff that occurs on your lawn
  • You decrease the amount of watering and time required to penetrate into the soil
  • You increase the oxygen at the soil level
  • Fertilizer and other nutrients as better absorbed into the soil to your turfs root system
  • Encourages new growth from grass shoots (stolens)
  • Encourages roots to remain rooted
  • (In extreme cases grass will root in the thatch if the thatch is too thick)

    Perfect Timing

    The best time have your lawn power raked is in the early spring, before your turfs aggressive growth season.
    Alternatively this can also be done in the fall, some customers book both services.

    Can’t I just rent a power rake ?

    Johnny’s provides a professional power rake service to you for near the same cost as renting the machine and doing it yourself. Our Packaged rates start at $120.00 and includes power raking, aeration, cut & trim etc.

    Be sure to check out our specials and lawn care packages

    Thinking about doing it yourself?

    Most rental company’s always charge a minimum rate (i.e. 2 hours @ $35 per)
    A Power rake rental is typically from $128.00 to $150 daily.

  • Damage deposit of a minimum 7% or double the daily rental rate
  • Pick up the equipment, unload it, do the job, reload it
  • Fill the gas tank, return the equipment, and get your deposit back
  • Doesn’t that sounds like a lot of work?!

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